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Harness the power of your muscles with the new MYOWARE 2.0 Ecosystem Setup is a snap with MYOWARE 2.0 and its innovative snap connector system eliminating any need for soldering.

For technical support:
If you need technical assistance and more information on a product that is not working as you expected, we recommend heading on over to the MYOWARE forum on Reddit ».

If you don’t find what you need there, the SparkFun Forums under Biometrics » is another great place to find and ask for help.

For all other inquires:
Please use the form below and someone from the MYOWARE team will be in touch shortly.

Advancer Technologies, LLC
Raleigh, NC USA

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Flex your creative muscles with MYOWARE 2.0 projects, tutorials, and guides.

From robots to video games, learn to control an endless possibility of devices with the MYOWARE 2.0 ecosystem.



Get MYOWARE 2.0 Sensors and Shields at SparkFun Electronics

We’ve partnered with the electronics gurus at SparkFun Electronics to manufacture and handle the sale of the entire MYOWARE 2.0 ecosystem. Designed by our myoelectric experts, built by SparkFun.